Fifth Natural Extracts of the Northwest Cluster Meeting

ACEA 5th cluster meeting

Fifth Natural Extracts of the Northwest Cluster Meeting

The fifth cluster meeting, held on November 22, 2018 at the Africa Hotel in Tunis, was a success. Despite a country-wide strike announced the same day, our members attended.  

This workshop was an opportunity to present the results of the collaborative work initiated and conducted by cluster members since the launch of the initiative.  

We were also able to better direct the attention and work of the cluster members towards the first market segment identified by the strategic segmentation study of the global Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) market. It is: natural cosmetics used in the spa and thalassotherapy sector. To this end, industry experts shared their vision on how to integrate this segment with participants. 

An exercise on visualisation of the future as a 2024 magazine cover was also carried out in groups. This enabled members to identify their strongest attributes, and to start thinking about how they want to tell their stories.  

Finally, all members present were able to think of names for the cluster, and then vote on it by a majority. The name chosen by the cluster is: Wiki PAM. 

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