PAM PACK AWARDS 2019 Ceremony

Azza Dsouli_PAMPACK Awards

PAM PACK AWARDS 2019 Ceremony

September 27, 2019, was an important day for the ACEA team, who organized a prestigious awards ceremony for the national packaging design competition PAM PACK AWARDS 2019. The event took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Gammarth, Tunis.

The competition was launched in March 2019, in collaboration with the National Office for Handicrafts (ONAT), and Packtec (the national Technical Center for Packaging and Conditioning), within an initiative to increase the attractiveness of natural extracts’ packaging. Its main goal was to develop packaging inspired from Tunisian Handicrafts, compatible with international safety and hygiene norms, so that the Northwest’s artisans’ products could be competitive on a global level.

This event was also an opportunity to present the ACEA project, to further explain the collaborative work of the cluster, as well as achievements of the project to date, such as the first export transaction of two GDAs (Groupement de Développement Agricole – or cooperative) with the French company Ethiquable.

The awards ceremony saw the presence of the Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Businesses Mr Slim Feriani, his Excellency Mr Donald Blome U.S. Ambassador in Tunisia, the General Director of the National Office for Handicrafts Mr Faouzi Ben Halima, Mr Naceur Jelejili President of the administrative council at Packtec, Mrs Nadia Alami representing FHI 360 in Tunisia, Mr Alec Hansen Director of the ACEA project and high-ranking officials at FHI 360, who flew in for the event from Washington: Mrs Shahera Younes, Mrs Alyssa Karp, and Mr Obed Diener.

5 winners were recognized with 6 prizes up to 5000 Tunisian Dinars, the star of the event being the talented Azza Dsouli, who won both first prizes (in the economical and luxury categories). Over 200 people attended this large-scale event.

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